Oh no.... not again !!!

Of course a Jetting question.....

I recently bought a WB e-series shorty with the tapered header...over that I want to YZ time my WR and remove my air box lid.

My curent jetting is stock...

DTM needle, 168 main, 45 pilot, 200 MAJ, 75 PAJ, air box lid on ( I ride between 0 to 2000`)

With the stock jetting (WR timing and without the WB pipe and lid on) I felt that it was ok.(but might not be.. I never did the plug test). I`ve alreadu ordered a few jets but before I start testing I was just wondering if any of the gurus would have suggestions that would enable me to same time and money by not having to buy & test jets that I`ll surely won`t need ?


WR400 98`

try WR timing and keep your needle!

de-octopuss it.

airbox lid off




DTM c4



Taff Mod the APJ. right now i've described it over on the KTM side.

if you go to YZ timing get the EMM needle for sea level. they're out of stock at the moment i'm told but the WR250 uses a ELM as an optional needle. go for this. you won't need to change anything else, just the needle.

good luck :)


Thanks for the info Taffy...

I`m just wondering why you`re going smaller ?? I know that usually with an aftermarket pipe we go higher but this is when leaving the stock air jets in there..(MAJ & PAJ)... what`s the main advantage to lower the air jets ?? save gas ? I saw several guys going to a 100 PAJ with a 45-48 PJ.

another thing... where do you get the part numbers for those jets... they`re not on the microfiche.



the story is too long.

search back here for 30 DAYS and read jetting Qs. at certain poiunts we discuss a "run" on MAJ's and all along the way we discuss (especially near the end) the lowering of the PJ.

i did a 3 hour enduro on 3 imperial gallons and had about 1/2 a gallon left at the end!




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