any ideas on my xr 650r

here's my xr650r i made a new subframe yesterday. i dont know what to do about the airfilter and exhaust though. what do you think?





Maybe put in an elbow to connect the exhaust right to the carb for a little boost. :busted:

Take a look at XRMANU thread "Honda Xr650rr Ultramotard Crf Hybrid " if you move that shock res you could do something like his,look's like a xr600 filter base and filter,with the fab aluminum air box.

Like you said :busted:

In the spirit of sharing ideas: cut some filter material to fit right on the intake boot. Then pry off the square bracket that mounts the boot to the airbox and use it and some bolts to hold on the filter.

This setup has worked really well for me, though it gets dirty quickly. I'm contemplating moving to a pod setup.

i liked the K&N setup at the end of the "Honda Xr650rr Ultramotard Crf Hybrid", i might go with one like that. i want a clean look, i might have to cut off the tube going to the lower right mount to get a little more clearance. i still am undecided about the exhaust. does anyone know where to get stainless tubing? i also thought about a turbo, but i think i want to ride it for a while. it runs really good now. well hopefully now.

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