Driving an 08' wr450 45miles on the road twice a day, 3 days a week?(constant 75mph)

I drive to school 3 days a week, tue, wed, thur, and gas mileage is terrible for my truck, costing approx $75 just for those three days. Just wondering if it would be bad for the bike (wr450 or crf450x) to be driven about 90 miles round trip, split up into two 45 minute commutes, three times a week? My trips consists of driving on a country road 50% and on the highway 50%, 7omph speed limit.

And how is the gas mileage for the wr?

depending on how you got it set up

wr450 14-40 17's i get 80mph at 5200 rpm bout 120miles per tank

on the back roads its wayyyyyyy more

so about 61.22 mpg

i basacally do the same thing.to work 24 miles each way 5 days a week

the major problem is you are gonna need street 18/21's or a set of motards

you will save lots in the gas factor but loose more on the tires. you have to do a cost analisys on your current $ for the truck

insurance gas wear and tear vs tires oil changes insurance and 93 octane gas

all that aside it KICKS ASS on the street

I think I'm getting somewhere about 45-50 mpg from my 07 wr450 . I'm running 15-48 gearing with stock rims and avon distanzia tires . it works great . I don't really care for highway riding on this bike it's boring. it is also a lot of trouble to get streel legal . you may want to look at a DR-Z400SM or the dual sport one they are both ready to go out of the box . so no waiting on stupid paperwork or having to modd this or that just to get out there. Also most of the european bikes are much easier to tag.

Sell one and buy a street bike.

in the long run,you are going to save anything.270 high speed miles a week is going to eat that bike up.Like HotDog said, buy a street bike.You can by a CB400 for less than the cost of one top end on the WR

Sounds painful. Get a roadbike. Your butt will be happy.

the tranny isnt made to be run at a constant rpm like that . might be hard on it .

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