650L - valve lash pretty close. Matter?

Measured the valve lash and the intakes are about .005 and .006 vice the recommended .004, the exhausts are .006 and .007 vice the recommended .005. Haven't adjusted them yet but would like some input from ya'll as to whether that much excessive lash is even anything to worry about. What are the drawbacks to having to much lash when the excess is .002 or .001? The bike is a 2007 with ~3500 miles running full syn oil since 500 and no noticeable or unusual problems. Should I adjust them or just record the values and monitor changes?


Absolutely no problem. Extra lash makes more noise. You might lose a little top end power, but gain a little on the bottom.

When the valve train wears the lash will decrease not increase. When it gets to zero the valves stay open a little and generally fry from the leaking combustion gases.

I usually run mine .001 over spec. I consider those numbers as a minimum limit. If I measure less than the spec I adjust.

Good advise CL. Better a little loose than a little tight. Like he said, a little more noise, but you wont burn 'em!

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