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:busted: I would like to change the side body panels and the front number plate color on my 2007 Honda XR650L from the factory white to black. I don't want to have to worry about it flaking or poping off though. If anybody knows what to use and could walk me through the process, I would greatly appreciate it. I heard that there might be some sort of a dip that might work, but I'm open to any suggestions. This is my first post, so it might take me a little while to figure this out.

Welcome to TT,glad to have you aboard. :worthy::ride:

If it is only the trim or the backing part for the numbers, you can use a kitchen type "contact paper" that is used to put in kitchen cabnets. It is a heavy vinal and can be trimed and heated to make many shapes.I have used it for many things.you can get it in any color or prints,high gloss or ??

In a short while the other guys will have some good ideas for you. Again welcome to thumper talk

Danny V :busted:

I know you can dye the older white plastics, but I thing paint is the only option for the red pig plastic. I have tried the Krylon fuzion paint, in black, and it has been flaking/shipping off after only about a week of use. Next, I am gonna try some Caterpillar black paint. My dad uses it to touch up his logging equipment and if it can withstand logs/branches hitting it, diesel/oil runnin on it, then I think it will work ok on a motorcycle. I will probably post it up, if it works.

It gets a little more involved but.. Go to an automotive paint store they will have flex additives for any of their paints. (It's used on all car bumper skins.)They can also get you the proper suface prep for it.

Paint for Plastic is actually pretty tough stuff. Not as good as dyed but better than regular rattle can paint. The problem is that the black is kind of dull. I use this on my race bikes for the track and it holds up to VP gas and pretty well sliding on pavement.

surprised to hear that Krylon Fusion paint is flaking. I've never tried it, but i thought it chemically bonded to the plastic. Most people report good results when using it to paint plastics. I was about to try it. Dunno. :busted:

surprised to hear that Krylon Fusion paint is flaking.

Ya, so was I. I prepped it very well and every time the plastic flexes, the black paint just chips and falls off. It may work ok on parts that dont get flexed much, but it works terrible for sideplates.:busted:

Paint for Plastic bonds well and flexes.

I read a post( I thought it was here on thumpertalk,cant remember exactly but it was a website about /for xrls) the posts went into great detail on using PLASTI-DIP (sp?) .yes the same stuff you dip tool handles in! He tells of using proper prep and proper technique. there were photos and even a update of some 2 or three months later with scratch/branch scuffing....and it looks great!.. Ive used this stuff on other things like luggage racks and my fairing braces(customized braces that tie into my bark busters) and the stuff is tough. Being that most body panels(fenders,side panels, fairings,even the gas tank) are made of a type of polypropalene, a plastic not unlike a garbage can,which is formulated to NOT accept paints, stains and most any other type of discolorations,therefore one needs to encapsulate the piece, or basically "wrap" the piece in color ,which is what the "plasti-dip" does. Plus points to this product are, Its tough as nails,very flexible,available in only a couple of colors(red black yellow..all semi flat to semigloss in finish) readily available, spray and dip application(you want the spray). downside is, when you do get a "MAJOR" scratch,one that gouges the plastic,cutting through the coating,then the plasti-dip paint job will begin peeling like a sunburned new yorker in mexico. second is not the products fault but a plastic physics one,you cant paint the gas tank if its plastic,plastic tanks breath,if you still have your steel tank..you are ok on this one. third is its a very thick product,be very careful how you spray it on. It dries quick,but due to its weight it wants to run ...fast so even coating and careful handling during application are a must. Double check my spelling of the product,its available at Home depots Lowes any hardware stores for that matter. Goodluck

Thanks for the info man, you told me everything I needed to know. Think I'll give it a try, might be a little while though. I'll post on the results afterwards. I am so glad I joined thumpertalk!:applause:

I used the Fusion on my side panels, air dams and hand guards then top coated them with bedliner in a spray can. Looks really nice/rugged and seems to be holding up well but, admittedly, I haven't put it to any serious test......yet.

I bought mine already white and black, I don't know what they used but it isn't that sophisticated, just some kinda black spray paint. The guy I bought from was a knucklehead. It's holding up well, no flakes or chips. I've scraped some off though. Looks cool.

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