CR500 Mods

Just a mod I found on the net of a CR500, feel free to post pics of your CR500s and mods youve made to them, the craziest one I could find,


Trick Racing

Here is something for those that just need more power! The folks over at Trick Racing built this killer upgrade for your Honda CR500.

Custom Built CR500 Made into a 1000cc Twin Motor..... Do you dare????

This motor Dynoed at 210 H/P with minor modifications!!!

Now, how much would you pay for that?

WOOOWW!!! holy crap that is absolutly sick!! do you have any links??

Sorry, forgot to check, but I'm just puting it out there for anyone else who likes to see customs like that.


The animal I posted is just as real as that engine.

Maybe not that one in particular, but have you seen the hillclimber guys with twin YZ490's or CR500 engines in their bikes? It's not terribly common by any means, but there are definitely running examples out there...

Those are two separate engines connected to a common chain via jackshaft. Thats a whole lot different that what was posted.

I dunno. I somewhat doubt that it's ever run, but they do show pictures of the same engine from multiple angles, with a billet one-piece head on it, too.

I think its possible, im gonna try to find a vid of it.

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