hmm 95 XR 600 for $800 AUS

this bike is no doubt in bad shape, but even so i think i might buy it as a beater, opinions? i'm currently riding an 08 KTM 450 EXC-R, which if i get the 600 will be kept for days out and track days, and the 600 would be ridden everyday to just have a bit of fun on, i've put 1200 k's on my 450 in less then a month..

kx?? 600??

brain fart, XR600 lol

brain fart, XR600 lol, would be great if i could get the title changed *wink wink*

XR 600 on the track? It's going to need a lot of suspension work first.

They are really soft for any kind of track work. But at least the motor will last.

nah stuff track work, it will be a bush beater, take it to a quarry and up anywhere and keep the 450 for the track, if i buy it, it would be used only for single track and fire trails really

and thanks to the mod/admin that changed my title, you rock:thumbsup: :busted:

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