YZ 400-426 CLARKE 3.3gal tank pics wanted

Wondering how a 3,3gal (12.4l) tank looks like on this bike.

Currently have a 3.2gal original WR tank, but is very unpleasant, for the shorter seat sake and ugly also.

Think clarke is combined with yz seat, and therefore more narrow, but probably not as narrow as original 2.1gal or any other replacement tank.

Talking about this tank.


click my garage, my yz400f has the 3.1 ims tank, if that will help

Yes, I've seen this combo, looks enormous.

Think ims and clarke have diffrent ergonomics, but had no luck of seeing 3.3 on yz/wr.

its not that bad. most of the tank seems to be lower and a little higher than stock and just a little wider. we trail ride and one of our loops is close to 50 miles and the yz stock tank was not enough to feel comfortable fuel wise. plus i ripped a rad shroud off on a tree and poked a hole in my stock one. but i will agree it does look huge compared to stock.


check my garage - have one on both the yz400 in black and now on the 250 (natural - no pics yet).

I wont go desert riding without that extra fuel.

They take a little getting used to from the standpoint of size and slight weight increase.

I think the thumpertalk shroud flame graphics over my black tank will look the business




Thanks guys.

Still huge and even though seat is way closer to the cap, it is still a steep climb to get body up front in the corner.

But way better than this.


Will rather go for 2,1gal, translucent.

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