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Second ride & first oil change!

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The saga continues!

Last week I did my first MX riding and it was a blast. I am used to my old bike an XR600 (awesome bike) and the sudden loss of 20 kilos and gain of 15hp´s makes for some white-knuckled riding :) . I am riding like a fresh newbie again, well I have never been particularly fast but now I took it really easy so as to not crash and hurt myself or the bike.

The jumps are (very) short, the speed low and still it is great fun. One reason for the shortage of clearing tabletops is due to the suspension. Super dampening but the springs are made for a 55kilo japanese rider - not a 6´4" 220 pound "Viking" :D so in two weeks time I hope I will have the cash to buy springs with correct rates (0,47 front and 5,8 rear).


Went ok, did read the manual, asked a friend and prepared as best as I could. Went for a ride to get the oil warmed up, but it was difficult due to an unusually cold evening yesterday. The engine did not want to run in the upper range and I had put around for some time before the frame reservoir started to feel warm.

I had read on TT and been told by a friend that the oil will squirt ot from the frame. Precausions were taken and managed to catch the jet of oil :D .

There were lots of filings on the filter and had I not read that to be normal here on TT I would have freaked out. Got it cleaned with some brake-cleaner, a toothbrush and compressed air. Checked the frame strain too, nothing there so the next check will be around August or something.

Also put on some hightening blocks for the handlebars, seems to do the trick. Next thing will be to do the footpeg mod, sometime next week at the earliest.

Going away with my riding buddies this weekend, should be fun. Will write a ride-report for you to enjoy (or whatever :D ).

See ya,


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426fred, Sounds like your really enjoying your new ride. :) Glad to hear :D

You mentioned checking the frame strainer. I checked it twice since I have owned my bike and I have found nothing. I wonder if many people on this forum ever have since I have never heard anyone say they had.

Sounds like your taking all the precautions to ensure the healty and prosperous life of your dirt bike.

Have fun this weekend!

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