Windshield for XRL?

Have any of you all got good setups for deflecting wind on longer road trips?

You can always use the hobo sport bike method. Just put your feet on the passenger pegs and lay yourself down on the tank.:busted: Note: I have only done this once. It was crazy-windy, about 70mph gusts. Well, I got stuck in it on the way home and laying down was about the only way I could even ride the bike past a speed of about 40. There was ZERO traffic.

Cee Bailey's windscreen is pretty good. I ride all winter in the snow and crap. It makes a big difference.

I use a slipstream spitfire. It looks ok and works pretty good. I still have a little wind on my helmet, but I'm 6'1".

+1 on the Slipstream spitfire, works preety good and goes on and off in about 5 seconds once you have the mounts in place.

I am currently working on a usd fork upgrade to my xrl. I have to set up new light and gauges and I have a set of 4" fuegos coming on monday. I have a really killer looking windscreen off a S50 aprillia scooter that looks SICK! It has a very dark dark blue tint (almost looks like black) I will post back here when I get it mounted. It truley looks very sporty. It has sections that cover the master cyl and the lines. I am really fired up about the looks. Not too much bigger than the stock one, but a killer style.

My bike w/ Maier windshield ...not too bad for $85..functionally it's OK.


Looks good Rodrigeo!

Where did those side racks come from?

These are the ones that are "buy it now" on ebay; they are really well made: power coat is excellent, and the welds are solid...I know cause I dropped (several times) my bike with these racks on and they hold up well.

Where did those side racks come from?

Got any pics of it loaded up?

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