Tires for XRL

What will give me the longest tread life? I live in Florida and do about 65-70%road and the rest trails. I have read the forums and narrowed it down to the Dunlop 606, the Pirelli MT21, or the Continental TKC80? The TKC's are a little more expensive and wasn't sure if they are worth it? The others are about the same in price. Thanks for the help.

the best I've found are the Michelin Forum Searchers.

j/k I have had great life with my MT-21's. 1500 miles and about half way through the rear with trail vs street ratio about the same as you. Front still looks new.

I agree, go MT21!

i get about 4000 miles on my dunlops, trailmax 604 is the rear, 606 is the front

should get about twice as much out of the front. 4000 miles later.the front looks new the rear is about gone.99 percent street :applause: .

I have 606s front and rear. I like the rear, but I think I will try the Pirelli MT21 on the front next time. Don't care to much for the 606 front tire.

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