WR in the Sand???

I've been riding a '96 XR250 in the woods (best bike I've ever had) and a '96 CR500 at the dunes. I'm considering a WR400/426 to replace both of them. I know the WR will do great in the woods (and pack my 200lbs around a lot better than the quarter-liter XR did) but what about at the dunes?

Also, I'm thinking I might go out to the track once in a while. With that in mind, should I be looking at a YZF400/426 to replace both the XR & CR instead of a WR?


Ah, I thought that the decision was already made?! Just buy Eric's bike and get it over with! :)

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The problem with the YZ will be the tall first gear (especially the 426, even taller than 400) and stiffer suspension in the woods. Either one will do fantastic in the dunes, but I don’t know how you will like turning in deep sand with that WR tank in your lap.

I’d get the WR 426, “YZ” the motor and “IMS” the tank and seat.

I drag raced a few open bikes at Glamis on my YZ 426 and actually beat one guy. I was within a bike length or so of the others initially but, even geared 14/47 a YZF can’t get way up in the 90 mph range like a KX/CR 500. But a WR probably could!

I do 95% of my ridding in the sand dunes at little sahara. 2000WR400 YZ timed, DVP niddle, YZ pipe, air box off, paddle tire and low air pressure up frunt and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Unless a CR500 is modifide I will beet it up the steapest part of Sand Mountain everytime! The tank doesn't bother me at all and the Troque makes it so much more fun in the sand then any two strokes I've tride. You don't have to wind it up all the time. I have had only one CR250 ever beet me but I didn't feel bad when he told me he was COMPLETLEY modified and running alcohal, not to mention he was only 112lbs compaired to my 185. Get the WR, fix it up and you'll love it forever! Just my oppinion, not like I feel srongly about it or anything. :)

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