Idle overrun after hard riding???

So, went riding for the first time on my 2000 426 yesterday and had a little problem with the idle staying high after getting off the gas. Like after doing a hill climb I would let off the gas at the top and it would idle much higher and not decelerate very well. I just jetted it a little richer and have not messed with the fuel screw. Could that be the answer if it were out too far? The bike idles fine after a minute of higher idle and starts easy.

how far out on the fuel screw?

i had this problem last week and found that my fuel screw had worked its way out a lil bit.

A hanging idle is often a sign of a too lean pilot circuit. Assuming you did the fuel screw/pilot test and the adjustment is correct, try opening the fuel screw 1/2 turn.

My WR ran fine with the screw at 1 turn, but the idle hung from time to time. Did a A/F check and found it needed (wanted??) to be closer to 3 turns to be the right ratio. Hanging idle, decel popping disappeared!

It can also indicate insufficient intake valve clearance.

Good point, Gray. I failed to notice the age of the bike. Questions, questions.... :busted:

Yeah, I have not done the test yet but will tomorrow. Thanks for all of the help and keep it coming if there are any more suggestions.

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