What's the worst bike you ever had?

I don't really now if it's already been discussed here but just for fun, I would like to know what is the worst bike you ever had?

I spent some times talking about that with friends last week-end and laughed a lot :).

My worst was surely my first bike. XL80s 1985. I was 13 years old.


Easy. Hand me down mini bike. Two tires, a frame and a 5HP lawn mower engine. :)

Sorry POZI :) but only had two bikes since this XL80s: KDX200 that has been a very good machine that I owned for 9 years. And now my WR.


My first bike was a Motoskeeter built by

Motoski a snowmobil company. It had a 100 cc

pull cord sach engine. What a piece of crap.

I had this bike in 1977. Anybody ever seen one?

Hmmm...? Is there such a thing as a worst bike? I think all bikes must have given each of us a warm fuzzy feeling all over even if just for a short while. I don't think there is a bike that sucked as a kid. But then again, I remember riding my buddy's bull taco pattie before what a joke. :-) I suppose if I had to list my worst bike it would be the "76" XL175 I had but to tell you the truth I had a blast on that bike. So I never had a "worst" bike - to me anyway.


Hands down, 1992 KTM 250EX/C.

7 DNF's in two seasons. 'nuf said.


Worst bike I ever owned was my "street" bike :) Suzuki Katana 750, nothing wrong with it except there is nothing like going off-road, I don't miss it at all.


nice logo pic! Be careful ... someone may understand you wrong with all this sniper thing going in the US.

Thanks, I've already had some flak for it. Damn "sniper" giving law abiding gun owners a bad name :)

I'm with merf. I had a '91 KTM 250 e/xc. Broke everytime i rode it and then it was at least a 4 week wait for parts, if available. POS.

I have a tie for 2 of the bikes I owned. My 1992 RM250 blew fork seals every single ride. I rebuilt the seals as did the local shop 3 times and I finally got rid of the bike.

The other bike was an RZ350. The first one I bought was in mint condition but parts fell off at an alarming rate. I used Loctite everywhere and finally had enough. I sold it and bought another one and same thing. After that, it took me a long time before I'd consider another Yamaha. The new Yamahas are so good that it's hard to believe the same company made both bikes.


97 KTM 300exc. Beside the fact that it cured me of 2 strokes. It was nothing but trouble out of the crate. :)

The worst bike I owned was a 1990 cr 250. What a pile. It was like one big money pit. Then I stepped up in the world and bought a Yamaha again.


It is actually one of the most trouble-free bikes I have ever owned. Nothing really "wrong" with it, I just bought it for all the wrong reasons: '97 Suzuki DR650SE. I thought I could have a dual sport bike that I could chase my boys with off-road, do hare scrambles and enduros and ride to work or run errands.

It does everything, just not very well. It is a sheep in wolf's clothing as far as getting off-pavement is concerned. A big, fat, heavy, high-geared, low-powered, no-suspension sheep!! BAAAA! Great for around town. No way it will keep up with the little squirts... they even have more suspension travel on their 50cc Cobras!! It will make someone very happy for the price I have on it. It is just a piece of factory "dual-sport" misleading hype which has forever turned my stomach on 'Zukis. BAAA! My dumb mistake... :)

An 86 KX250.

1990 Yamaha RT180. What a heap. Good for checking fences and that's it. If you actually got enough momentum up to get that thing off the ground, when it came down, parts went flying everywhere!!!

1981 Honda CR 450

An evil handling machine with a nasty motor that would not put power to the ground. This bike taught me never to buy a 1st year motorcycle. This lesson I apparently didn't learn very well since I bought a WR 400 in 1998.

The Yamaha purchase didn't haunt me like the '81 Honda did.

Great topic! I must say that every bike that I've owned I liked, some I even loved. I guess that I'm just a sucker for any thing with two wheels and an engine, but if there was one that I rated as the worst I would've had to been my 78 Ossa Pioneer.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I have 2. The first was a 85 RM250. It was a p.o.s.

In its defense though, I didnt do a whole lot of maintenance work to it.

The absolute worst bike EVER though was my 95 XR600. It was a dog, a pig and any other animal name you can think of. Had to have someone pull start me every ride and dumped more money into the motor than I could have bought a new bike for.

I can still recall the days of sitting at the bottom of the hill...

Buh-buh-buh..(kicking it) me - SH*T!!

buh-buh-buh.... Me- Sh*T!!!!!!

buh-buh-buh.... Me- SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan, I also had an 81 CR450, very bad handling, pinged, and terrible power band. Mike

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