What's the worst bike you ever had?

I knew I had something to learn by posting this topic... :)

This one goes to Pete Z: What the h... is an Ossa Pioneer :D?

Never been talked about any motoskeeters also :D

Anything else? Come on!



TRANSMISSION: 5-speed, left side shift


CLAIMED WEIGHT: 235 pounds

Made in Spain

1974 Suziki TC125 dual purpose, 4 speed, dual-range transmission. In low range the bike would do about 40mph, in high range it would do about 65mph. No power, no suspension, poor handling, it had it all. With the exception of my Honda CT70 the TC125 was the slowest bike I ever owned.

I had the '81 CR250. Best and worst bike I ever had. The first true dirt bike I bought, back in '86. Had ridden multiple dual sport POSs. Rode it off-and-on until I bought my WR couple of months ago. I was happy with the CR until I rode my buddies '02 YZ426. That was all it took. Started looking in the classifieds. Found the WR and have never been happier.

You probably all think that my Honda Spree was the worst bike I have ever had.....

Well, no way. That bike (can I call it that?) was a lot of fun for a high schooler who lived in a very small town. I could go everywhere, and when it was time to lose somebody, they did not stand a chance. I even got a "wreckless endangerment" ticket on that bike. That cop thought it was a serious weapon!


Anyway, worst bike would have to be the XT600. I tried and tried and tried to ride that thing like a dirt bike, but it was not one. I experienced much of what Chaindrive has experienced with his DR650. (Chaindrive, how do you like those pink, blue & green splash graffix on that bike? My roommate had one of those, and we kept calling it the "Malibu-Ken" bike, and he hated that. UNTIL we saw the same bike being sold on E-bay, except this particular one had been previously owned by Billy Ray Cyrus! Woop -de- doo!)

So, then we kept asking my roommate if he wanted to go ride the BillyRayBike?

He sold it soon and picked up a KTM EXC300, so we don't give him any more crap.

Anyway, my XT600 never died on me, but it was a pig in the dirt, so it gets my vote.


97 KE 100. The forks blew, the rear spokes are broke all over the rim, the clutch slipps all over the place. And that is just riding on the road or in the pits, NO OFF ROADING.

Hey Bamster Not sure of the name, sounds like my firt bike also in 77, dit it have front suspension and no rear shocks? Dit it have a 2 speed auto that would pull a descent wheely going into second? with a bump of coarse. I cant remember that far back I nnever knew the name of it.

For me it's a tie between a 1978 RM400 and a 1987 CR500. The RM fell apart all the time, but the CR500 tried its best to kill me. I bet I put in a hundred hours trying to make the suspension work. That thing would throw me then land on me just for fun.:) All the mags said it was great, you know, developed by David Bailey - what BS!

P.S. nice Ossa! my first bike was a 1966 or 67 Ossa 175. It would dust Yamaha DT250's.

hands down, the yamaha DT100. The f-in thing had,

-crappy breaks

-crappy power

-crappy forks and shocks(yes 2 of them)

-and crappy rider(i was 10, ans a &%$#@!).

next i must add in my 90 ktm 250 mx/c. it would not idle, ever. i had put a rad valve in when i got it and that turned out to bew the problem. the bike was ugly, and broke down all the time. but always at the track. never left me in the dez.

and last my DR 125. holy crap that thing sucked.

handling- crap

power- crap

quality crappppppppppp

never broek down but it was ugly as hell. who had the idea of puting the number spot unter the light.

my bike have all sucked but my 85 xr 350, and my wr400


I am not sure I can beat the OSSA, but My 1982 YZ 490 was a horrible bike. It handeled like it had a hinge in the middle of the frame. Vibration was bad and it had a close ratio 4 speed.

How about a '76 Can-Am 175. It's wimpy Rotax motor had trouble accelerating across a flat field!

Oh my - the memories are coming back to me now! Fibreglass fenders and (leaky) fuel tank, Bing carb with a tickler, left side kick, left side chain drive primary, and little four-leaf clover logos everywhere (even on the grips). I can still remember pushing that bike - sure seemed heavier than 235 lbs at the time.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I can tell that no one that has responded yet ever owned a bike like my worst bike. It was an '85 Husky 250XC. It broke EVERY time I rode it (well, maybe not when I took it around the block to check something out). It broke stuff that you wouldn't think ever broke (a shock spring?). When it finally got around to melting down I fixed it, sold it and replaced it with a bike that worked pretty darn good for me, an '88 ATK406.

TT newbie ,No the motoskeeter had rear shocks and was totaly automatic. It had a snowmobil type clutch that

worked by centrifical force.

How can can someone think the Can am's were slow.

I just sold an 81 MX6-b 250 with a rotary valve Rotax.

It could run with any 90's 2 stroke on a straight away it

just handled like a greased pig.They just seemed slow becouse thet were so smooth.Does anyone remember Jimmy Ellis and 1974 ?

My worst bike was a 85' YZ 125, I bought it used. I think it was slower than the 79' GT 80 I had for my first bike. The other was a 89' RM 125 I bought it in a box for $100 and a case of beer, it was in a box. I put the RM back together and rode 1 ride, after break in, and it blew up again.

The worst bike I ever owned............. (This'll be FUN!)

Was a 1975 CZ 400. It had..... WAYYYY too much power for such a poor handling bike (not a stock CZ unfortunately).

It was like riding a WILD MUSTANG. She refused to let anyone ride her for any length of time before spitting them off, usually breaking a bone or two for good measure.

That CZ hurt everyone that owned it as far as I know. The friend(?) I bought it from broke his collar-bone. I dislocated my shoulder and broke my tail-bone (I still have shoulder pain from that crash btw, some 23 years later). The friend I traded it to (for a 67 GTO, I got the best of that one)broke his arm and ankle.

No one could tame the "BEAST".

I loved the CZ's motor, unfortunately mine had a "long travel suspension". I bought it in 1979 and it had "laydown shocks" and stock forks. It wasn't original, the swingarm had been "modified" (read, improved..........NOT)

Laydown shocks were all the rage back then, DAMN you Dirt Bike Magazine! :)

When I first bought the "Beast" it didn't have a kick-start lever so I had to push start it to hear it run. It ran GREAT (didn't all CZ's), so I happily gave my buddy his money and took my prize home.

After replacing the kick-start lever, I attempted my first kick start of the "Beast". The G** DAMNED thing almost castrated me!

I remember timidly jumping on the kick starter and anyone who knows these bikes, knows they don't tolerate anything TIMID. The "Beast" kicked back, broke the little pin in the pivot of the starter, shot the lever between my legs and imbedded it in the ceiling of my garage (if I can ever find that picture I'll post it). Well that scared the crap outta me. I should have realized then that this was an OMEN.

I should have called the "Beast" DAMIEN, I wonder if the # on the plate was 666?

Another "fond" memory of the "Beast" was my very first ride. After getting over the shock of near castration, I boldly fixed the kick-starter (again) and gathered my courage for another go. I stomped on the starter, this time with authority, to show her "I'm in charge here" and this time the "Beast" replied with both the sweetest and nastiest sound I'd ever heard in my few years of riding. :D

Now purring like a kitten (a lion cub ?), I felt I was finally in control. I jumped on the back of the "Beast" clicked her in gear and rode across a small, flat, stoney field adjacent to my house to get a feel for her. After the quick trip to the other side of the field, I once again decided to show her "WHO WAS BOSS". It was WHEELIE TIME!

I grabbed a handful of throttle, just as I always had on my 73 YAMMAHOBBLE 250, and once again I was rewarded with a glimmer of knowledge.


The"Beast" unceremoniously threw me on my ass and tried (but missed) to plant her front wheel in my forehead.

After the stars in my head cleared, I understood this was not gonna be all fun and games as it was with the Yammahobble. So I pushed the "Beast" back to her lair (garage), went in the house and had the old lady pick the stones out of my bruised ass and check for any permanent damage.


The worst bike or bikes i ever had aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee the ones you gotta peddel. :)

Easy. Hand me down mini bike. Two tires, a frame and a 5HP lawn mower engine.

Same thing but myne had the push down break that rubed on the back tire and the gas would stick so I had to pull it back for the gas to be off.

Would have to be no bike. Even some of the suck ones were fun and better than not having one.

The worst bike that I have owned was really an awesome ride. I just couldnt get parts for her. It was a 1979 Can Am 250 Qualifier. 6 speed tranny and would smoke my buddys KX250 and CR250 any day of the week. However, I sunk her in a river and that was the end of it. Parts were just too hard to come by :)

approx '65 Sears Mini bike with ape-hanger handlebars.

'69 Husky 250

'72 Yamaha LT-1 100cc

'73 400 CZ

'76 YZ125

'78 IT400

'81 Husky 430XC

'00 WR400F

All great bikes in their own way. Gotta say I liked them all except the mini bike. Most were very ill handling compared to the WR, but that was then. Technology has changed a lot since then. For their time, they were good.


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