What's the worst bike you ever had?

Dramus You should have tried the Classic Can am web page.

It a realy cool vintage site.

I was able to find lots of parts for some of my old Canams.

Tony murphy has lots of Rotax parts.

Bamster: This was way back in the olden days when we didnt have the Internet :) Had to use the local parts microfiche to try and track some down :D


Hated to part with this one

Nice TN'T ! Had a friend that rode one of those everywhere, year-round. It was street-plated and never missed a beat, even after years of abuse. I'm surprised that it made "the worst" list.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I have only been riding for one year and owned 3 bikes in that time, 98 KTM 250EXC, 02 Cannondale E440, and my current ride 02 YZ250F modified for woods riding.

Of those bikes the one that gave me the most trouble was the cannondale, I never new if it would run without stranding me or not.

Easy! A well used (and abused) 1983 Honda ATC 250R. Imagine it, a 3 wheeler with enough 2 stroke power to seriously damage you. It had bent forks :D, a perpetually leaky head gasket :D, shitty brakes :):D and a generally evil rotten disposition :D. It went like a SOB in the snow though. :D

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