Dual Sport Tires For Stock 2000 Wr 400??

Just Purchased A Mint Cond Wr 400 For 2050, Awesome Bike Need Dot Approved Tires Though....what Are Really The Best Value For Dirt And Asphalt????? Dunlop, Metzler????? What Are The Sizes I Have No Idea About Tire Sizes Im A Newbie Teenie.

Thanks Guysssssss


what did you come up with when you did a search?

we kind of need to know where you mostly ride in . and your price range. I have 4 sets of ds tires for me to swap around . depending what I'm doing and what bike I'm on

hey freinds went through different kind off tires what kinda distance in the dirt

and what kina distance on the road? also what is the terrain like ? sandy muday , clay, rocky? you get the idea! diffent tires work in different terrain the best

I personaly love the dunlop 606 its still a full out knobbie

the knobs are a little closer the like a michelin m12 (wich is my fav tire just for off road use)

but i use the dunlop 606 for riding to work and for play

i only work 6 miles from home 3 miles is on the freway or i can just riding on an adjacent road depends on my mood! you will go through several tires before you get your feel remeber this thought

you want atleast 20 psi in tires when on asphault

and alot less when in dirt

just my 2 cents there fella have a good one


i need tires for 65 street.

So you will be riding 65% street? The dunlop 606 is rated as a 90/10 so I'm not sure if that's your best choice. I have one now and it lasted ok. I'm about to replace it with the Kenda Trackmaster. It's rated as a 80/20 tire so we'll see...............





Run the Dunlop 606 tires. I swear by them as they last the longest on road when you consider that which you need to stay upright in the dirt and all. All of the 50/50 tires and 60/40 tires might as well be 80road/20off. You just can't hook up with the true DS tires in the dirt trails and all. The 606's have a cool rubber too that surprises me all the time on road grip. You won't be dragging knees or anything but you can pull it down in the turns pretty dang good with these tires. Some guy mentioned and sent pics of a KING tire set that looks cool and is a bit cheaper but I have no experience. I tried a 60/40 bridgestone ?42 DS set for a while that let me lay it down a litle more in the turns but that tire wore just like the 606 pretty much and I might as well of had slicks on in the dirt or even the grass. Plus as they wore it just got terrible off road enough that I was nervous in the grass and all and sandy...forget about it 606's rock and you can get em pretty cheap if you look around. Hit ebay and MAW should have them for like 60 bucks. Use OEM sizes.:applause:

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