Carb settings for Southern US(B'ham.,AL)?

I have an '02 WR426.Airbox snorkel removed and exhaust unplugged.Grey and blue wire cut.At about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle at an exact point I have a miss or sputter.Same miss at same point in every gear. If I snap the throttle...Well,HANG ON. NO problems there obviously.But with smooth throttle roll-on;smooth off bottom to about 1/3 throttle then it misses, and will continue to miss, until I advance past that point going to full.This bike has 100 miles on it since purchased new in June.

I'm a newbie to this web site and to this awesome hobbie/sport.Love this site. Can anyone help me with carb settings for the southeast climate, please? I have several issues but I need to tackle this one first. By the way, this 426 is a tremendous thrill to ride, even when I can't keep the front wheel down! :)

Use the search engine to lookup jetting, there will be enough info to make your head hurt. Also look into a new needle, I have an EKP and it has made a huge difference. :)

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