What's a 1998 XR600 worth?

Hey guys,

I'm from the DRZ400 board, but wondering what a 98 XR600 is worth. A guy is selling one and want's $2200 for it. I havent seen it yet but assuming it's in good shape. I really don't have the cash to be buying another bike, but want to try and make some money off the deal. I thought it kinda sounded cheap. (of course being that I haven't seen it yet) I was thinking somewhere close to $3000?

Sounds like a good deal to me, I paid 2k for a 95 and that was a good price. Condition makes a big difference too. I would do a search on cycletrader It will give you a good idea of what they are going for.

I let my fingers do the walking to Kelly Blue Bood www.kbb.com and they quoted $3030 retail (what a dealer will ding you) and $2055 trade in. I would also get the NADA numbers, sorry I do not know the site.

Micheal is right though condition is EVERYTHING.

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