What happened to XR's only?

Their web page is gone. :busted:

....Its back now.

Site not there.............

works for me.

ME 2 :busted::worthy:

There site has been acting funny the past couple of weeks. I spoke with them on Tuesday and I can assure you they are still in business.

I ordered parts on Sunday, Have not received them yet.

Yeah, they can't close. I've got a wish list a mile long. :worthy:

I'm getting married in June. I wonder if I could call them up and get a registry going? Hmmm... :busted:

XR's Only should have been closed after Al Baker died.

Okay...I was in the process of placing an order with XRsonly.com.

As I was filling out the registration I noticed they did not use a Secure Server. Was kinda concerned about that.

Went to the next webpage where they ask about shipping, still no Secure Server. Very concerned about that.

Then I get to the webpage where they want my credit card number, and still no Secure Server!!! HUH!!!!????? Are they out of their minds??? Yeah...like I'm gonna broadcast my credit card number for the whole internet world to see. Gawd....***sigh*** uh boy. :):cry::banghead:

Please DO NOT place an online order at xrsonly.com. You stand a very good chance of someone NOT AUTHORIZED to see your credit card information and to use it for fraudulent purposes!!!.

Other than that...:applause:

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