Needed 2000 wr400 Radiators.

I have done a good job protecting my radiators over the years. I use two different types of protectors on each radiator and they have kept the radiators perfectly straight. The bike has seen some decent crashes in some rock gardens and everything has held up well. UNTIl the other week. I went to check all of the fluids and I found my water low and when I filled it up I found that there was a seeping in the left hand radiator. I took it into a shop to be repaired and they said that the whole thing was rotten. Since I have owned the bike it has had numerous radiator fluid changes usually with water wetter or redline radiator additives. My shop told me that these products tend to rot out some radiators. So I have been without a ride for awhile and I can not seem to locate a set of radiators. Please let me know if you have any for sale., I would really appreciate it.

Myler's may be able to fix them.

If they can't fix them buy a set of Fluidyne aftermarket radiators. I bought mine from the TT store at a discount. Fluidyne part number FPS11-YZ450 will fit on your bike, but you may need to update and get the 426 shrouds since the Fluidyne radiators have the shroud screws going into the radiators at a 45 degree angle instead of straight like the 400.

I run Evans NPG+ coolant which is 100% propylene glycol. You don't mix it with water so there's no chance of corrosion. It's also a lifetime coolant that doesn't need to be changed.

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