Save $$$ on the new WR450

If you don't want to wait for the hassle and all the crap that is going on with the US ports. i would check out

This is a Canadian shipper that does a lot of business with US customers. You will save on taxes and since your dollar is so strong right now you will save on the overall price compared to what you would spend in the US. He ships all over the US, UK, and AUS. I have him checking in on the price for the new 450 for me right now. They are probably about $8000 Cdn. US that is only about $4500 - $4800(BRAND NEW!!) Plus in Canada we don't have all the emmission restrictions that come default on the US bikes.

It is worth checking out.

And no i am not affiliated in anyway with this company.

Mike Fraser

2000 YZ426F Rental bars, BK mod, everything else stock.

That sounds pretty good, the only question I would have is, how hard is it to title a Canadian mike in the US? Anyone know?

In Michigan it is pretty easy, almost no harder than if you bought the bike in Michigan.I guy I work with just bought two atv's in Canada, brought them into the country with no problems, saved hundreds of dollars.

I just bought a WR450F from Canada last week and paid $8487 Canada dollors. That is about $1100 cheaper than I can get for in the USA. Anyone know why the mufflers are different on the YZ450F bikes in Canada.

You will have to take your Canada title to Sec of State pay your 6% sales tax and it now will have a USA title and you can go from there. My savings on the WR450F was 20% over the states so if I title it in the USA it will still be a 14% savings after taxes.

Cnacc, it's very simple in Washington state to bring a Cdn bike down and register it. I paid my wopping local 8.1% sales tax (on the converted Cdn price, another savings) and paid the $15 fee for inspection. This was in Jan of 01. Now you don't need an inspection at all on out of state vehicles (not sure if that applies to out of country though.) Saved a heck of a lot of $$$$$. purchased the euro model that doesn't have a "US certified spark arrestor". It's much more free flowing than US exhaust, but aviod the rangers if you ride. Which is crazy in my opinion. If anything is going to start a fire, it'll definately be that red glowing header.


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