Won't Start yz426

Great news finally got the little bugger to start. Changed the plug, fuel and various other bits, cursed and swore at it then talked nicely to it. Then she thundered into life. Not fully sure what the full problem was maybe just lots of small things making a big problem!!!!

Next fault is that it won't idle without the choke any clue's?

Thanks every one you have all been very helpful.


Pull your carb and clean the pilot jet and passage again......It won't run with out the choke cause the pilot circuit has a blockage.....Next time, don't rely on fuel stabilizer either.

try turning up the idle a bit if you have changed it at all.

get the kicker to top dead,then pull the decomp in go down an inch no more bring it back up to tdc let the decomp go and kick it normal should go right over some gies i no use a compression stroke it will also start that way but if ya race like me ya gotta get on it nn kick it nn go sometimes that compression stroke is hard to find

might as well do the blue wire mod too while youre at it.

Did that on Mine. Makes it much easier to fire up.

what is the blue wire mod. I've never heard about this before

Disconnecting the blue wire from the neutral switch. When in place, and the bike is in neutral, the CDI retards the ignition timing and lowers the rev limit. In any gear, the wire does nothing.

Some say their bike starts better this way, but if it is jetted and adjusted correctly, it shouldn't make a difference, since it is only an ignition timing change. To see if it will help yours, simply try starting your bike in gear. The results will be the same.

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