WR400F 2002 The answers.

I had the question up here before, about the 2002's WR400F

( they are only sold in europe nowdays )

Im going getting my WR400F 2002 this saturday and im all excited about it.

The things you might want to memorize if someone asks about it again is that it got Titanium valves, ( the 98-00 doesn't)

Plus its EXACTLY like the WR426F but its not the same jets, but everything else is EXACT like the 426

suspension, frame, valves, carb, etc etc...

the only thing that differs that the salesman said was the 26cc, and the jetting, dont know if i should trust him, but a salesman should know better than to lie, when he already had the contract on the bike in his hand.

PS. This is my first thumper, thats why i decided to take the 400 cause its smoother ( we all gotta grow out of the 2strokes sometime ) .BS.

// dw

Always Remember the Golden Rule: ALL SALESMEN LIE !

Bonzai :)

If their lips are moving they are lying :)

Why dont you rather wait for the WR450

get more power and technology and as you get used to the bike you will have an extra bit of grunt

I honestly doubt their is any difference between a 98 and a 2002 wr400.

Yamaha wont waste there time fiddling and updating an old model for such a small market.

Just my $4.50 worth :)

I second that.

Well they DO spend technology in it, cause we got the 400 fourstroke class, the 426 ends up in the 500cc fourstroke class, wich gets heavily eaten by for example Husaberg 501 so thats why i dont want either 450 or 426 cause its to powerfull for me yet, and i dont want to end up in class where i need to race the heavy weighters when they got 50cc more, plus LOADS of more experience ( im switching from 125cc 2 stroke to 400cc 4stroke, i guess the 400 will be ALOT to powerful for me yet to handle ) . and after all i gotta pay 2000$ more for the WR450F plus it could have child diseases, dunno what you call that in the US.

But i dont want to end up on my first fourstroke beeing trouble to me, the WR400F is still going strong and everyone who owns one states that its a hell of a bike

Its not always the cc that matters either, plus i dont like electrical start, i want a kickstarter... :)

YAMAKAZE, Well most salesmen lie :D but hey the 2002's wr400f got a titanium 5 valve sticker to.. i dont think yamaha will put that sticker on and state its titanium valves if it isn't.

They would get heavily sued :D

I take offence to you guys saying that salesmen always lie. It is my belief that most are just so damn ignorant that they don't have to lie!

I said most, not everyone of them, and i belive my salesman is the best ever, i think hes so super honest, even after booking the bike, he gave me LOADS of accessories, plus after i booked i asked if it had titan valve's and he said yes it does. etc etc, he probably won't lie about everything, but i have had one who lied alot to me, who said i could have the wr450f ( i did have it in my thought's ) in november / early december, but now were talking februari or something, so that was a lie, just to get me to book it, and then have to wait for it...

im glad i didn't, since i trust the wr400f its a proven bike, people know what it goes for, and its Got more than enough power for me.

sorry if i offended you x2smoker i did not intend to.

I compared the -02 400 and 426 at a local MC-show and

I was suprised to see that the 400 still had the old

header that don't clear the oil-filter.

Other changes to look for are new Nissin front brake master

cylinder and a floating disc and a carb cover with rubber

seal around the throttle wires.

Check the mark of cylinder.

5BE is 400. The other is 426.

Hehe picked up my wr400f 2002 yesterday the breaks says V-6

the header do not clear the oilfilter tough, but still you usually don't keep the orginal header and silencer, not me atleast, and there is headers who clears the filter, for instance CRD, White bros, maybe even FMF, im checking the alternatives though.

I dont know why you guys dont like it , i like the 400 alot, and think its more than enough machine for me to handle at this time, and buying a 450 wich i cannot use properly would only mean loosing more money for me.

At last, i would recommend the WR400F 2002 to ANYONE its great if you compare cost/what you get.

I payed about 5000$ for it wich is a really good price for a brand new bike :)

since im already typing, if i remove the airfilter lid, do i have to rejet? and what do i get ? is it alot of power im loosing with it on?

And how far would you suggest me to break it in 1000 KM?

or maybe 2000km?


congratulations on your new bike. I wish you all the best with it!

drive it without twisting the throttle more then half for about 200km (must) or maybe 1000km(if you feel more comfortable) you must change the oil on 200km, check your bolts and the nut under that is holding the flywheel(?), the one under the cap of the left crankcase cover. Also check valves gaps.

Thank you :D

I drove it about 20km on 1/2 throttle, just before the 20km end i twisted the throttle a notch more than 1/2 and i mean a notch, im not 100% sure that it was EXACT 1/2 throttle

but on the other hand you cant be 100% sure on that. but im gonna continue driving it on 1/2 for 200km maybe 500km

Im gonna look through it during the winter, change oil, oilfilter, check valves and most importantly GREASE ALL GREASABLE AREAS etc :)

But since you got a wr426, do you know what's causing the sound when you engage the clutch and just let it wheel, cause when the engine is idle and the bike still rolling i hear a little sound from the front wheel, i figured it might be the tripmeter thats spinning? (its a spinning sound) :D

anyways i think its a superb bike, but i probably WILL buy a WR450, but not untill i know more user reports about the bike

maybe for 2004 or something.

Sabin, by the way saw your site before :D loved the pictures Intermod expo


I remember that I hear the tire when idle on speed, but cannot test right now because my bike is at home, in my room (2nd floor) and I'm installing gold valves...

Thanks. Glad you liked the pics...

Yeah well it could just aswell been the tire. well changing from YZ125 -90 to WR400F 2002 was the best improvment i ever did. I just cant stop talking about the damn bike! hehe

and i guess im never going back to 2stroke, the first time i rode it out on a fire road on 1/2 throttle third gear, ill never forget the power i had between my legs heh i LOVE that it keeps feeding out the power all the time, unlike 2stroke :)

Anyways you should keep up the good work :D its a great site.

/dw :D

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