handlebar removal- advice please.

My 07 WR is locked up in a freinds garage. I no longer speak to this person so the bike needs to move from the garage to my flat some 3 miles away.

Problem: My WR wont fit through my front door. I need to know if the handlebars will unbolt without any grief, thus allowing the bike to fit through my front door. Is removing the handlebars an easy job? (my manual is in the garage as well)

how long to lift the handlebars off?

A strange question for sure, but i need to be on top of this problem. If i cant get the bike in my flat, chances are some scum bag will nick it.

thanks for your time.

a 10 mm wrench , undo the 4 bolts holding the bars down , there are little clamps that hold them on there . dont undo anything else just sort of let the bars hang .

or just turn the bars when you try and take it through the doors , put one side in then the other .

unless your door is unusually small it will fit with out taking off the bars .

Yeah in the U.S. standard front door is 30" wide and should allow you to turn the bars one way and then another to get the bike thru the door but removing the bars as suggested above will take less than 10 minutes.

Just lay it over twist to one side and slide it right on in. Will fit just like momma. If not a few seconds extra work and your in like flin.

thanks for the advice guys. I got a phone call from the person that has my bike (there car needed fixed) and we patched things up. No need to man haul my wr and stuff it through a door. Speaking of which the door is a strange one. I live in a 17th century 'fishermans cottage'. The door is like your normal regular door, but it is two doors in one. Imagine a regular door, then take a circular door and cut it down down the length. End result two doors and sod all space. It was a right nightmare finding couches and furniture that would fit.

Thanks again.


If you hadn't patched things up I would have suggested a slow second gear wheelie with your bars turned to one side. Ride right on in:thumbsup:

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