650R Stock Tail Light Not Working w/Baja Kit

I just finished up with the B/D DS kit install. I took my time and soldered some "questionable" connections. Overall, I am happy with it.:busted:

The only problem I have with it is now the stock tail light doesn't work. I thought that it lit up as well as the l.e.d. tail from Baja. It's not a big deal, but if I'm gonna have the light on my fender I would like for it to work. I know I can make it work by splicing in to the Baja tail harness. I just don't understand why it quit woking.

Anybody else have this happen or have I done something wrong?

same thing with mine...but i didnt really want the thing to be lit up all the time. I dont remember but i think it had to be unplugged or something to do the baja kit:excuseme:

When you disconnect the the two wires from the stator to connect to the baja kit, you are disconnecting the stock regulator, which the stock taillight is connect to.

It is now officially a reflector.

They both work on mine .

Infact I have the stock light running hot with a bigger bulb

(very bright and melting the lens)LOL.

and the baja on the brake switch .

My friends say it's much easier to see the brake light come on when it's not trying to out shine the taillight .

Give it a try ,run the hot line for the baja kit to your old light instead or jump a line and run both.

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