needle help

I went with the stock YZ250f needle in the middle position. It cleaned up the midrange completly. Of course, this was also in conjunction with changing the other jets.

The MT-21 is a dual sport tire, so if you do any serious off-roading, you won't like it very much.

[ April 16, 2002: Message edited by: jamracing ]

Ok I need some advice I have a 02 wr 426 yz timed, all the free mods what should my jetting be for the oregon coast (0-1000ft 50-70degrees) right now I am running stock jetting and have very little popping when it does pop it is in the midrange so I suppose it is my needle or clip position I would apricate the help also has anyone bought the M21 dot aproved tire and liked it?? :)

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