98 replacement kick start lever

Kick lever broke at the knuckel right down the cast seam at the ball lock hole.

My question I post to all you Gurus is , Which replacement should I get?

I have heard that Yam knew about this problem have the newr bikes been having failures? What year would fit? Is a 426 lever stronger at the knuckle? Or should I order the Billet model?

If money is not an object then a trick BBR lever would definatly be the way to go, but if it is, then heres one on e-bay.

It even came off a 98 model.

Although finding one off a 99 or later would be better since they supposedly corrected that problem.


I've been using this one for three years now with no problems. It looks neat and it's a little shorter than the stock kicker so it's more comfy, you don't have to wrench your hip as much to get your boot up on it.


Click here for info.

Dammit ! stop that...Now I'm going to be in more trouble.....

Bonzai :)

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