Stock springs or stiffer for my WR 450?

I recently purchased an 04 WR 450. The previous owner said that it has fork and shock springs for a 215 lb. rider. It feels very stiff to me. I weigh 200 lbs. Am I wrong in assuming that I should stick with the springs on the bike instead of re-installing the stock springs? Simply soften the compression?

I would see if you can set at least the rear sag up with you on the bike.. if you can't get the sag setup right . it will never ride or handle good . I have a stock 04 yz rear spring if you want to swap

Definitely start with adjusting the shocks...find out what the "standard" settings would be and go from there. Check to see what previous owner did for pre-load on rear shock - is there any static sag?

I have the opposite problem, my stock WR feels too mushy. Anyone have pointers on setting the sag on the WR.

I installed a Titanium spring from a new YZ on my WR to lose some weight on my too heavy 04

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