Valves kissed the piston!!!

Ya, I really did forget to put it in. Didn't end up in the engine. The triangle piece in the above pic off the piston is just an illusion created by the camera. Everthing is intact on the piston, just cracked. The cylinder is my next dilemma. The pin scored the wall fairly well. Do I need to resleeve it or just have it refinished? Thanks guys. :applause:


How deep is it, if it's surface only I'd say refinish is ok, but if you can feel an indentation it might be too deep - get a pro to look it over, but wait with ordering the piston, they may recommend an oversized piston if it is reworkable.

Get it repaired and replated instead of sleeving it. Here's 2 good places you can send it. Be sure and ship the new piston with the cylinder so they can match it up.

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