Tips on puttin a white bros fuel screw in 06 yz450

hey guys i just bought a white bros fuel screw for my yz any pointers on puttin it in, anything that would make install easier, thanx

Just be careful that you keep track of the spring and tiny little washer and o-ring!

Installation(and removal later) is easy, the difficult part is getting the OEM screw out! If you don't have one of those fancy fuel screw adjusters or can't get a screwdriver in there, you'll have to tilt the carby, which requires removing the seat, tank, upper engine brackets and hot-start. Try to get a small screw driver up there! Removing the hot-start can be a good thing 'cause it's important to keep it greased up inside to prevent it from siezing.

get a flat head bit from a cordless screwdriver and turn it by hand with just the bit.:applause:

^^^Thats what I did. If you find it to hard to turn by hand use a small end wrench that you can fit over the end of the bit and use that to help you turn it to get it out. It can be kind of a pain but its well worth it and you only have to do it once because you wont be going back to the stock one :applause:

right on guys thanx for the tips should make puttin it in a lot easier

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