07 leaking coolant...

hey guys... i'm leaking coolent from what looks to be the water pump weep hole and i was told to replace the water pump seal so the coolant doesn't leak into the oil. i bought the part but was wondering if any of you have any coolant leaking from there?

Standard wear and tear item. It isn't a matter of "if" you'll have to replace it, but rather "when." It's not hard to do and it's kind of like learning to do your valves. You need the manual, shaft, impeller, seals, bearing and gasket to do it right...SC

ok... i'll pick up those other items. what else do you suggest for a 1,000 mile tune up? all i've done to the bike are regular oil changes and kept the air filter clean since i bought it...

I'll be at 1000 miles within the next couple of months...is this something that typically happens around then or is it on a bike to bike basis? :applause:

It's kind of a hit and miss deal. Some get it early, some late, some not at all. I got mine at the end of the second riding season. It's like losing your virginity...if you're patient, it'll eventually happen for you :applause:...SC


Would a boyseen waterpump impeller/cover eliminate the possibility of this happening?

Mine leaked at 300 miles.

mine has never leaked , i think its because i run engine ice . 26$ for coolant but personally it was worth it .

Mine leaked at 300 miles.

what all did you replace when yours went out?

mine has never leaked , i think its because i run engine ice . 26$ for coolant but personally it was worth it .

sorry to say but i just bought some of that for my bike and it only ran me $16...

different prices in canada .

different prices in canada .

oops... didn't see where you were from.

The problem isn't the impellor, cover or the type of coolant. It's the two little seals. With metal on rubber, something is eventually going to give...SC

I replaced my seal at 1200 miles/80 hrs. But I still have drops when I shut her down after a ride. I don't know of it's because it's hot or if I did a crappy job replacing the seal?

.......... bahhh :applause:

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