Venting Questions

I have read through my manual but cannot find a diagram that shows the routing for the vent lines on the pig. I am assuming the big vent on the crankcase goes to the airbox, but i am trying to figure out where the vent on the top of the cylinder head runs?? I have read that the crf450's have problems blowing oil out of the head and i believe baja designs has an oil tank that catches the blown out oil and returns it back into the system. i was wondering if the same can be done with the pig motor to ensure there is always enough oil to keep the valve train nice and lubed.

nobody knows where the cylinder head vent hose is routed to???

I think the air box. Those tube don't attach to a pool of oil, so its probably windage from the cam or something that is flicking it up toward the hose connection on the valve cover.

nobody knows where the cylinder head vent hose is routed to???

Your talking about the vent thats between the two valve "windows" on the valve cover?

If this is what your talking about, then it runs up the right side of the frame (if your sitting on the seat), between the radiator and the frame, and into the frame right below the oil fill hole-thingie.

That help?

Yes I am talking about the one on the very top of head over the valve train. So it goes back to the oil tank you are saying? That is exactly what I needed to know as I am building a custom oil tank and need to know if I need to add a vent fitting, thanks!

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