Jetting & Suspension results !!!


No....thats not what they sent me, it looks like a fuel screw, no hole. When I told the guy what I was looking for he told me that He knew exactly what I was talking about :) much for that . Does anyone have the SUDCO part number so I do not go through this again. I thank you. :D

Pete :D:D

Ok here's a breif run down of the first ride.

The bike started with the choke on (no pre-kicks or twisting of the throttle prior to kicking) took about 5-6 kicks but she fired up and idled fine. I left the choke on for 15-25 seconds, let it idle for another 30 seconds and took off. I never could have done this with my old jetting (way rich). The bike did not pop on decel but, did have a hanging idle if revved after sitting for a few seconds but, coming to a stop after riding (pull in the clutch, close the throttle and let the idle drop) the idle did not hang??????

After a short session I pulled in and let'er cool (read: catch my breath and wait for arm pump to go away). Then when I went back out and rode more aggresively, the bike popped and sputtered from 3/8-5/8 throttle. If while doing this I whacked the throttle to WFO, the bike cleaned up and continued to pull. Is it lean on the needle? Should I drop the clip? Whatcha think Sir Taffy?

This is the cleanest my bike has run since owning it, not that ran bad before, it that this configuration works better for me than the DVP when WR timed or the EKP after YZ timing my bike.

I just snuck out after work today (rained yesterday on my day off :) ) and will put some time into making adjustments on Sunday and collecting more info.



Do you have the part # for the PAS. from SUDCO.


Needle OC-EMM FCR J/N $8.14

Air Screw 1014-817 $5.78

Spring 16052-KM4 $6.56


YOOU DA MAN.......Bill :) Thanks. I hope you get that jetting figured out. I'm heading in that direction. Thanks Taffy.

Pete :D

It feels very close but, I'd hate to have the motor stumble when jumping a double :)

Bill :D

Thats a BAD thing right? :)


Hey guys where can I get my hands on that jetting guide ??

bill drop the needle once and then twice. your too rich.

that PAS part # is on the YZ426 side under about the only jetting thread there. hick put it up.


Thanks Taffy, I told you I was a jetting moron :D I'll lean the needle tonight, I just got off of work and will pray for dry weather. Unfortunately it looks like rain :)



I dropped the needle one and waited. Got up this morning and it was raining. It did clear up long enough for me to wash the bike. Afterwards I took her for a spin around the block and pulled the hill in fourth, it still popped and sputtered in the mid range.

Guess I should go ahead and drop the needle one more (#6)???


yep. try it i think that will be your problem.


OK...ordered my PAS, but my EMM is backordered until maybe mid June. :) I hope this clears early.


mattnohiohills says his local dealer has 9 EMN needles in stock. also you can buy the PAJ you need. i would get a #45 and a #60 to go with the 35 and 38 PJ.

no need to wait.



I already have the EKN needle and was going to the EMM needle. The EMN would not change anything but the clip range correct? Also, my PAS is on the way, and I already have the PJ's(35-40) and MJ (160-165). So I plan on lowering the MJ to a 162(168 now) because of the stumble at full throttle and also lower the PJ and PAJ from the 48PJ/100PAJ. I guess my question is should I put the 160MAJ in now or wait for the EMM needle? I have the stock MAJ in. Thanks for your time, and bill keep me posted.

Pete :)

OK.......My PAS is here. I hope to get in some testing over the weekend. I will post the results.


Any luck on your end?

Pete :)

Spent the day riding and this is how it went:

Fuel on, choke on, four kicks and the bike comes to life. 15-20 seconds with the choke on...... choke off, the bike idles a little low but, after four or five second the RPM goes to "normal" idle. Wait another 30 seconds and off we go. The bike performed flawless today and mid throttle has really woken up (obviously, popping/sputtering {rich} is gone).

I did try to play with the idle some and with the smallest possible adjustment the idle jumped up quite a bit and stayed there (not a hanging idle). I don't think the idle is to high now, I think it was to low before. Oh, and also once started for the day, the bike did not require the use of the choke and started first or second kick.

Thanks Taffy, for your recomendation and input. Do you suggest any further testing?

WR, Good luck :)


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Good news....I hope to be right behind you. Is your current jetting listed in your signature.

Keep me posted please. Thanks Bill, Taffy and JD.

Pete :)

I was able to do some testing this weekend. :D And I am moving in the right direction thanks to TT.

1) OK....JD and Taffy said I was to rich on top so I put a 162MJ in and started testing. Bike felt better and didnt sputter on top any longer, but I still felt like I was hitting the rev limiter. Also, there was a stumble around half throttle.So back in to work on that.

2) Second run after dropping the needle one clip to clear the stumble. Bike felt great and the front end would not stay down....Thats a good thing :D . But now I feel the bike falling down on around the 1/8 to 1/4 throttle postion. So back in to work on the PJ/PAS(J) combo.

3) :) Sudco did it to me again....WRONG PJ's

So I stopped tuning for now and just went riding :D . BUT, this bike is really starting to come alive I cannot believe the power I have now.

So this is were I am now.

EKN, 3





Stock MAJ

Till next time. Anyone not working on there jetting -- get started this is unbelievable!!!!!!!!

Pete :D

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