Jetting & Suspension results !!!


That is the final configuration, unless Taffy tells me to try anything else.

Good Luck


that's great bill.

you may find that the neelde lowered one would make it a little crisper at roll-on in 4/5th gears.

ride it like that for a while. you'll be amazed, but one day in one gear at one speed you'll catch the bike out. just report it back and we can adjust to suit.



If you dropped your needle twice I thought you would be lower that clip 6. Lower number = Leaner correct? I'm in jetting overload :)

Pete :D

clip in # 1 position is at the top of the needle -needle is inserted as far as it can go = lean;

clip # 6 is at bottom of needle - needle is pulled as high as possible = rich.

OK, so according to Kevin (I'm sure he's right) I have the clip in position #2. I was lowering the needle by raising the clip.

Sorry :)



Thats OK.....Thats why the class is called jetting 101, and I'm sitting in the chair right behind you :) . Lucky for us we have great professors !!!!!!!!



if you've got that needle in clip 2 (second from the top) you're running spot on/lean.

if you have got thath 35PJ and can turn the PAJ down to 45 i would definately try it.



If the new PJ config does not work. Will the change result in a bog or what should I be listening/feeling for?

Otherwise it's the ole "seat of the pants" dyno :D:)



what else can i say other than it will be better!

you may even get that huge rise in tickover (idle) that i had. this as you know means the bike is at last getting exactly what it wants.

you may find that the bike operates off a smaller throttle?

now you've said that the needle is lean on it's clip position i would check if lifting the needle one clip isn't better. all you need to do is roll-on back-to-back tests by riding flat out in fourth on tall gearing at say 15/48, roll the throttle off for a count of "one" and go again. do it on the road and not the dirt if you can.

then try the 35PJ/45PAJ combo.

keep the faith. these are tests and you've walked through a lot of work to get to here.

like i've said before, having offered up these jetting #s people are just sticking stuff straight in and offering little testing or feed back.

someone literally last week said "it works, so i'm off". :) he may have said Ta! but i don't remember.

hardly did his bit for the cause though did he.

if it helps do the testing as a straight chore and don't have any rad flaps, one bolt in the seat and tank etc.



I received my Pilot jets on Friday and was ready to test on Saturday BUT.....

1st run: Delayed because of rain. :)

2nd run: Delayed because of rain. :D

3rd run: Flooding.... :D

OH......did I say anything about the rain :D

Maybe this weekend.

Pete :D

somebody pull my teeth for me :D:D

hand slaps forhead

Taffy (still :) )

just what are you trying to tell us Taffy :)

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