KIT for WR4xx Microfiche

For all of you that want to add horn, blinkers, steering lock, brake switch, engine breather to the airbox, so no debris will enter your engine, and more...







Must be the Stealth Kit. Because I don't see anything. I use Netscape 7.0.

Strange... I see it. Does anyone see the pics?

Yes Sabin, all 6 came up just fine.

Yip i can see it

not as clear as I would like but thanks a lot as a mate of mine has also ordered a WR450 and is looking for this info


Luckily in Aust they come all ready to rego.

A company over here called YZR Engineering fits all this stuff to the WR's before they hit the showroom floor.


I also received mine with all this staff on it, but I removed everything except the steering lock, brake switch, horn and engine breather.

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