oil filter replacements

I did a search and couldn't find much on the subject... my dealer wants $15 for the '03 yz and wr oil filters which have paper elements. Since they probably shouldn't be used more than once that can add up to a lot of nachos. If K&N makes replacements, where can you get them and what is the approx. cost compared to the pre-03 screen units? (The 02 and 03 units look interchangable.) Thanks.

Are the filters that come with the '03's different from the mesh ones that came on previous years??? I'm still on my 2nd one :)..........


Dodger :D :D

Yes, the new ones are paper - cost a dollar less and look similar - the size is similar but not exactly the same: the overall length is slightly different; the check valve end is the same (different colored gasket) however, on the end opposite the check valve - the gasket is much wider. I think they are just different enough to so that you cannot use the older screen type - that's the problem - if you replace them often because you can't flush them, it's gonna cost!

Sounds like the Scotts stainless would be a good way to go for you. They are a little pricey but are reusable and last forever. :)


I spend alot of money on my bikes...But for some reason I cannot bring myself to spend $100. on an oil filter...go figure.... When I bought my bikes I bought 5 regular filters which I have changed and cleaned every time...I have however backed them up with the Ty-Davis magnetic drain plugs...

Just think out loud...

Bonzai :)

Bill, I actually think the mesh Yamaha filters were better. They could be cleaned and reused at least a few times. KTM and now is sounds like, Yamaha is putting those cheap ass paper filters in. They are good for about one race or hard ride and are done for. For me, I just popped for the stainless and have never looked back. I'm sure I will recover all the money I spent on them several times over. But, I am also an oil changing fool. They are expensive so its a judgement call. :)

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