Need advice on replacing 650R rear spoke

I have a broken spoke. The hub end of the spoke is so wide that I cannot get it out because it hits the spoke in front of it. Even if I loosen adjacent spokes to try to get more wiggle room, I still can't get the broken spoke out. :applause::) Is there a trick to doing this?

If you are handy with bike work, buy some buchanon spokes and relace the entire thing. Use a bolt cutter to cut all the spokes and save some time. If you want to go cheap, you may have to take out another spoke depending upon which one broke. They are tricky, you have to turn (rotate) them and wiggle them around. The hub ends are bent.

some time's you have to on do the spoke your try to get by, pull the nipple off and move it out of the way, replace the broken one than redo the other. Hope this makes sense.

Years back you could slightly bend a spoke to get it in a tight spot.Iv'e noticed modern bikes like the crf 450,spokes are real brittle and if you bend them they crack real easy.Buy two spokes bend one to see how much it can take.Then if NEED BE you can slightly bend the other to get it in.

Note: I don't recomend doing this unless you really don't want to un-lace the rim!!!

I just want to replace the one spoke as painlessly as possible. I guess that means I need to unlace one side of the rim.

Can you get the spoke out enough to cut off the mushroomed end? If you can, the spoke will come right out. Wiggle a new one in and tap it in the rest of the way with a punch, I live close to Baja. Then tighten the spoke up. I used to break em on the sprocket side all the time, seems like I relaced one or two with every tire change. Good luck!

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