07 o-ring mod...

hey guys... this should be the last question from me as far as mods go so bear with me.

i have read through the 07 preformance mods about the o-ring mod and i was wondering if it still should be done since i have installed a Boysen Quickshot 2 accelerator pump cover. if so can anyone tell me what the best way to do it is?



Look at the linkage....


I'm not really sure ,I put a R&D powerbowl on my bike and they send a much stiffer spring with their kit . it does The same this. If your kit had this I'd say there is no need.

Look at the linkage....


thanks! that clarified alot for me... i'll be sure and do that:thumbsup:

I have a Quickshot 2 as well and I installed an O ring. I never rode it without the O ring mod so I can't say if it made a difference or not. I will say my throttle response is perfect.


Is it just the pic... or is your lower throttle cable frayed(sp)?

Just the picture... the flash makes it look funny, it was a nearly new bike.

Look at the linkage....


Nice shot. I popped an oring on mine brand new, too - from the looks of yours, you didn't mess with the arm adjustment? I didn't think there would be a need on a brand new bike...I may even find out and start mine one of these days!

LOL, that is not even my bike, just a convienent picture I 'stole'.. I happen to know it was a fairly new bike (A Suzuki DRZ 400). But a late style FCR is a late style FCR.

Regarding the timing adjustment. On my own DRZ with the FXR-MX, I did need to back the screw out about 1 turn. On my WR, I did not need to tweak it.

Whether or not it needs adjusting is independant of the bikes age. You O-Ring the linkage, you select a leak jet that suits your riding style. You check the squirt to see if it hits or clears the slide and adjust the timing to have the squirt just miss the slide.

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