WR400 Starting

Hey guys im new here,

Ive just picked up a WR400 and am pleased with it cosmetically but am having real troubles starting it, the bloke did it right infront of me then when i tried later no luck!

Im following the "procedure", choke on, find tcd, decompress an inch kick away.

its almost bitten a couple of times..

Any tips?

don't even put your hand on the throttle . if its cold out give the throttle a twist let it go then try .

it can take a while . you should try a 510 husky

Could it just be something annoyingly simple like the plug?

ok... this is for on my 99 WR400

1) turn the choke on

2) pull the compression release

3) kick bike halfway

4) let go of the compression release

5) kick it the rest of the way through

1) No compression release find TDC

2) Pull compression release and kick one inch past TDC

3) Return kick starter to top, let go of compression release, kick firm and steady.


As Don said -

If bike sat more than 2 days since last run, give it two quick blips on the throttle

Remove hand completely from throttle and rest on tank.

find TDC - (gets REALLY hard to kick).

Pull decompression lever, and gently push kickstarter a bit to get past TDC

release kick starter AND decomp lever

1 really hard full stroke on the kickstarter and she'll fire right up.

I only have to use the choke if air temps are 10 degrees cels. or colder above that it just fires first try.

thanks for the tips guys! Just replaced the plug and it fired up fine hah!



Good call - I had that happen once - started it, it was running fine, warming up, the died like i hit the kill switch.

I kicked and kicked until my right leg looked like Schwarzenerger's - all to no avail, finally just replaced the plug and one kick she was running like new again!

Sorry we forgot to mention that, but in all honesty, when someone comes on here and says "just bought a WR and I can't start it", we automatically preach the method.

Could it just be something annoyingly simple like the plug?

It was mentioned so I left it out. At least that's my story!

Yeah, BUT it was mentioned by the OP as a question which we conveniently chose not to answer/acknowledge or confirm :applause::):cry:

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