Nasty Gas Tank

Anyone know who to bring the blue back to a yz gas tank.


Looks like it might be time for a new one if you want that brilliant blue back:thumbsup:

SPRAY PAINT!!!!:applause:

lol jk, looks like you need a new one (that one looks like its seen a few years of hard service)

also- most graphic kits cover the whole tank so that route would be cheaper

I have new graphics coming that will cover it but I would like a clean tank.

Maybe try the stuff called plastic renew. Some people have had good luck with it:thumbsup: Might be worht it if you're just cleaning it up for graphics:thumbsup:

I like the designs of the bikes with the shrouds fully covering the tanks for protection. My 2001 cr250 has an aluminum perimeter frame with the black stock gas tank tucked inside it and it still looks brand new.Your tank looks like a total other color due to the fuel over the years causing it to discolor. My old XR as a kid did the same thing. I'm pretty sure that it's permanent. Either a new one, Paint, or fulll cover graphics. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. I believe you can purchase an aftermarket gas tank with the stock size, color and shape just under $180.00.

sand it down with 1000 grit and then clean it off and put the graphics on it. stick like a champ.

and if you use the plastic renew, the graphics wont stick as well.

Try that product called "magic erasure" it's a white sponge product that you wet first then just scrub with it. It works great with my natural color IMS tank.

Takes the yellow grime off of it. You can but it at most grocery stores.

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