Lighting Stator

Does anyone know if the stator will hold up to 2 50 watt lights?? I need more light for riding in the dunes and i have a pair of driving lights 50 watts each i just dont know if the stator can handle it.... any help??

You will be pushing the limits of what the stator is capable of...I did it for a ride or two when I got my Baja Designs kit....After a couple of night rides I was forced to upgrade the stator.

Bonzai :)

Ive got a electrex Wr stator kit for my yz400. They say that it puts out 130watts. I am running the Acerbis Blitz headlight. It has 2 35 watt bulbs stock. I upgraded it to 2 50 watt bulbs. It seems to handle this just fine. I also have a tailight / brake light running. Im also gonna be running electric grip warmers this winter. Although I might drop back one of the bulbs to 35watts just to be safe.

I think the newer wr's put out more wattage than the older ones. I think the new ones put out 130watts vs the older ones 98-99 models. bajadesigns had a diagram in there catalogue on what the different years put out. I dont have it in front of me at the moment.

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