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Difference Between 2002 WR and YZ Suspension

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My 2002 WR426 is excellent for Enduros but is a bit too soft for MX. Does anybody know what the difference between the WR and YZ suspension is, and what I would have to do to get it to YZ spec.

I have played with settings and have found that ironically it is better for MX with less oil in the forks but with more damping.

My current settings are:

Rider 170lbs without gear.

Fork springs 0.42 (Euro Std)

Oil level 120mm

Compression 8 out

Rebound 9 out

Rear Spring 5.00 (Euro Std)

Compression Bolt 1.5 out

Comp screw 12 out

Rebound 12 out.

Who has tried or knows what?? :)

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