04 vs 07

I am in the running to get a new bike & the WR450 seems to tick all the boxes.

I rode a mates 04 & it glided over everything & made life real easy for me, Seeing that my current bike is a XR650R these bikes are worlds apart for what i do. I still want the option to take my new bike to the motocross track but I must admit this will be rare & only for fun, I felt my friends bike handled more like a crosser which I really liked. I mostly ride fairly fast trails but there are some tight muddy bits too.

I have seen some 07 bikes go cheap but still alot dearer than a 04 or 05. At the age of 39 I know now I never going to be the next David knight but would I benifit getting an 07 ?

I've had both, the 07's center of gravity is lower and makes a world of difference in the handling department and also makes the bike FEEL lighter, ( I think they weigh the same).

The 04' is an awesome bike but I would pick the 07' any day :applause:

I have to admit, as much as I love my 04 WR450....the 07 WR450 is much more "flickable"....which in turn makes the bike feel lighter. If you can get a great deal on an 07....grab it!:applause:

Get the '07 if you can...lots of benefits from the redesign. The lower CG is huge. No oil up high in the frame. Otherwise, ANY WR is great to start out on - a well-used '98 got me in and hooked!

deffinatly get a 07! even though it weighs the same as my 99 the 07 is a far superior bike in the handling department and feels ALOT lighter than it actually is. any WR will make you happy but the 07 is alot better...

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