2001 yz250 plastics on a 2001yz426

I'm pretty sure the fenders fit, my main question is will the tank fit. Thanks in advance for your time


Here's a thread where a guy was selling a yz400 with yz250 airbox and side panels. It was an ebay listing from a guy in Australia. Unfortunately that listing isn't available any longer so the picture is obviously gone as well. Based on this, it appears there may be a chance parts other than the front fender may fit. Maybe with a little modifiction? I really doubt the gas tank would be one of those parts that fit though.

it appears all will fit.....checked part numbers for fenders front/rear and tank...same sku number for both years, so I'm gonna say it'd a direct fit...will post and let the board know, and may save someone else an hour of research.

Thanks for the time

That's awesome....you know once a picture hits the internet, it is NEVER deleted...kinda kool and spooky all at the same time.:applause:

you are gonna have trouble with the exhaust side number plate since a pinger has a smaller can than a thumper it wont jog out far enough to clear it might have some melting problems there

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