650L Lower Pegs ??

Anybody here ever seen or heard of a lowering kit/setup for the pegs? I feel hunched over even with an RSW triple 2" and Pastrana bend ProTaper...:applause:

Check this simple sulution .

If you have an offroad ,MX,style mount .

these will fit rite in and the rubber pegs are to save your body in crash.Way cool and simple. Up and back .Down and forward.Any style peg.

I am looking for input .If there's intrest I'll make several sets .These were made for a KTM smx450 but they have a standerd mount so I'm sure they will fit any bike w/that mount.

I can make you something to help.




I'm at resurrection03@hotmail.com

Hey Resurr,

I like your idea, but I'm not looking for rubber pegs. I'll go with a wide Moose or XR's peg. Your set-up looks good, but I see a difference between your product and my set-up. My stock pegs (and any direct replacement) pivot up and back at approx. 45-60 degrees. Hard to say from the pictures, but I'm thinking yours are straight up and down.


These fit into the frame U mount and are at that angle up or down .

I took a look at my L and I see the differance this idea is the opposite of the L .

Sorry I jumped the gun

If you contact me at Resurrection03 @hotmail.com

I'm sure I can offer some sollution other than chopping off you long legs.LOL

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