08 Aftermarket QUIET exhaust

Im getting surgery on my shoulder in a few weeks and will be selling my 250F to get a 08 YZ450F, I already know the stock muffler sucks big time and basically im looking to start putting together a budget list of must haves so my bike will be ready to go as soon as im strong enough to start riding again. The only thing I need help with is the exhaust.

I want to increase the bottom end on the bike for sure, and if the mid-top transition stays the same as stock or is improved that would be perfect for me as I like to shift early and ride out the power.

But, I want a quiet slip on pipe, I have had excellent experience in the past with FMF so I will stick with that, but it must be as quiet as stock or quieter. I was looking at the Q4 by FMF, has anyone tried that? Can the spark arrestor be removed? I only ride track, but am a big fan of keeping tracks from being banned and want to keep the bike quiet while improving the power.

running the Q4 is like running the stocker. if i were you i would go with the powercore TI. its about 99db and adds tons more power than the Q would. YOU WILL NOT find an exhaust quieter than the stock 08 unit. it cuts off so much flow from being that quiet.

i just think 99db is responsible.

I own a carbon pro, and i love it. my friend has the powercoreTI on his 08 and it works great.

try a GYTR quiet slip on,I have one on my wr250f and love it.quiet,mucho power and quality unit and thank you for being concerned about noise!!

Whats the difference between the power core and the 4.1? I see there is a spark arrestor in the power core, but if I remove that, won't it just be a 4.1, or is it designed differently so it will still be quieter than the 4.1 with the insert removed?

I have looked into the GYTR stuff, but my dealer bends you over really bad on GYTR parts, they sell FMF cheaper.

you can get the gytr stuff off of yamahas site. the PCTI system is designed to be quieter than the 4.1...its not a race exhaust, the 4.1 is

The GYTR stuff is still pretty pricey on the website too. I think I might go for the Powercore. I doubt i'll need a major boost in power, I was racing my 250F in the 450F classes and smoking everyone still, the 450F will just allow me to take it easier on the bike and ride the power instead of running my 250F like a 2 stroke and praying she does not blow.

Thanks for the help!

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