odd rear sprocket and chain wear

I installed a new chain and sprockets a few weeks ago. After two weekends of some mild riding, I noticed that the rear sprocket teeth are wearing on the inside (toward the spokes) and it doesn't look like the chain is making contact with the outside at all. The rear axle is aligned properly - the adjusters are set the same on both sides of the axle.

I've also noticed that the chain is already showing some wear from rubbing on the roller or the block. Is this normal? The free play in my chain is adjusted properly (2" from the swingarm to the bottom of the chain, measured at the rear slider bolt)

Did you bash the chain guard on anything? Is it feeding the chain onto the rear sprocket unevenly? I heard that for true distance you need to measure from the center of the swing arm pivot to the center of the axle for the most accurate distance. good luck.

Sounds out of line. First, realize that the left side axle block has a lip on the front edge that makes it necessary to count from the back edge forward to get the alignment right.

Second, even that assumes the blocks and swing arm are marked correctly. Measure from the swing arm pivot to the axle to double check.

The marks on the chain adjusters are not always perfect, but if they've worked for you in the past then I don't know why it would suddenly change. Put the bike in gear, roll the tire backwards to pull the chain tight and look down the chain. If it's not strait then your problem is sprocket alignment and you need to figure out why. Also I don't recall of these front sprockets have any offset... but double check that the front sprocket is installed outside-out.

but double check that the front sprocket is installed outside-out.

It's not an OEM sprocket, so it doesn't have the machined groove on the inside like the OEM did. Both sides are the same - it's one solid piece. There was a mark on one side indicating drive direction, so I installed it as indicated.

What about the wear on the outside of the chain from the contacting the roller? It's nothing major, but I was surprised to see the gold color wearing off the chain just from contacting the roller after only two hours of riding.

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