07' 450F fuel. Clark vs. IMS?

I use an IMS and its fine,,,customer service thru IMS is horrible,dont even waste your time.

On the natural tank, is it see through? I would love a clear tank to just see how much fuel is left...

You can see the fuel level that's why I bought the natural color one . Magic erasure sponges cleans off any dirt/fumes stains better than any chemical out there:cheers:

Thanks for the replies. Think I'll go IMS, which was my first instinct anyhow. For you guys who like the clark. Cool! Different strokes for different folks. But to the IMS dudes, Thanks for your help, Esp. the pics. I'm a newby just learning to nav. thump. but soon I'll try to post pics of my bike cause I know you'll crap! I can't believe how clean your bikes are. Do you really ride em? I'm all about maintnance, but I really think my 07' has seen more terrain than most. I ride every week, sometimes twice and only wish my plastic looked so good. Anyhow thanks again. Johnny bad!!!

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