TTR125 and the ttr125L

Is there anybody out here that has a significant other who rides one of these. I was thinking about a ttr 225 for her but then i felt how heavy it was. Then i felt the 125L with the bigger tire and disk break and i thought this is it. the perfect bike for my Fiance`. Now i need to hear from the guys who have them for thier wives. How are they on power. Heidi likes to put. And go up some hills. She is 5'7" and weighs 130. Is this to small for her. Thanks guys.



I have both bikes. Last year I bought the 125regular for my wife and daughter to share. At the time I felt like my wife would not be happy with the bike if she enjoyed riding. I told her that she would not be happy in the longterm. But she was intimidated by the whole idea of dirtbikes, so I went with a small light easy to toe and handle model.

After a year on the bike, I just got her the 225. While it is a heavy bike, It is also balanced and stable, with a great seat that does not promote monkey butt. 6 gears make it a very capable bike for intermediate riding. She has only had it out a couple of times but really enjoys this bike.

We did the acid test when we got home and she could pick it up after I layed it over in the yard for her. The electric start gives her lots of confidence because she wont be trying to kick start it on a hillside.

My wife is exactly the same height and weight as your fiance. She can toe the ground, on the bike, in her boots only, so she might be a little shorter.

IMHO if she has ridden before and likes it, get her the 225, if not get the 125L and a new one next year. The 125's retain a great resale. so it shouldn't be a trade in issue.

Both bikes have the power (with adjustments) to go most places. But neither is really going to give her the power she needs for expert and advanced riding. But both will let her get out and get into the sport with enough guts to keep up when she gets more experienced. Most of all the 225 has enough guts to pull her out of trouble.

I would suggest against the 125, if possible because, the short, low wheel base means that you need to react lightning fast to stay on the bike. The rocks that you and I cruise over with our larger tires and wheelbase, will require trials skills to circumvent on the 125.

good luck,


that is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks alot. Great decription. perfect explination. thanks a million

I concure with Racemile, my wife too has the TTr225 and she loves it. She is 5'5" and weighs 118. This was her first bike and once she got used to it she throws it around with ease! The extra weight is actually good when riding in the mountians over rocky terain or in the sand. She loves the electric start and bigger wheel base than the TTr125s.

Originally I got my girlfriend a TTR125N she is 5'3" and about 115. She liked to put around on it but would lay the bike over at least once every time out. The stock suspension seems to bounce lighter riders off the trail, so I would recommend some suspension work.

I ended up replacing the TTR125N with a KX100 with a 12oz fly wheel weight. Now when I ride with her I get to use 2nd and 3rd instead of just 1st and she has been on it 10+ times and has yet to lay it over once. I put KX85 wheels on it to drop the seat height about 1.25". The 100cc motor is much MUCH smoother and easier to ride than a 80cc motor. If once wanted to get an 85 for a beginner I would recommend the RM85, otherwise just get the KX100. Hopefully soon there will be a CRF150 or some such thing, but until then I'd rather have my girl on a bike with decent suspension and brakes to keep her out of trouble. Those little 4-strokes are all chug, and allow a beginner to walk up some steep hill with no way to get down. On the KX I noticed that she feels 10 times more confident coming down stuff then on the TTR.

In a perfect world a BBR TTR150 would be $4000 or less and not the $15,000 they want.

I see so many people placing such importance on the motor and totally forgetting about the suspension and brakes which in my view are more important.

BTW: Don't buy a CR80, or YZ80 for a begginner. They do not have powervalves and are much piper then the KX or RM. The RM85 has the better motor for the beginner, I got the KX100 cause of the permiter frame (more stable) and the fake radiator shroud that gives a little protection from the exhust pipe. Stock the KX100 was a little fast for her, but after putting the 12oz fly wheel weight it is really tamed down. After about 6 more months I plan to put a 10oz and after another year or so maybe the 8oz.

She has also ridden a lot more blue trails that she would not try before. I think the TTR was a good start for her, but now she feels much more comfortable on the KX.

Good luck, maybe you can get her to try a few bikes and see what she likes,


You mean to sit here and tell us you actually have a significant other???

When did she get out?

Bonzai :)

One of my neighbors dropped by the other night on the little ttr125. Neat little bike. He got it for his kids & nephews to ride. I took it for a spin on the street. I guess the power is relative to the size of the engine, but it didn't seem to have much poop. On the other hand, you could probably kick start it with your hand. All in all, a nicely made little bike. I could see one in my sons future..but who knows what they'll have in an other 5 or 6 years.


I was in the same dilemma for my fiancee. She grew up riding dirtbikes and tends to be on the aggreassive-side of athletic stuff. She is 5'2", 115 lbs.


We considered the TTr bikes and even the XR 250 (too tall). From my point of view, the technology in the TTr 225, TTr125, and XR200 is dated in suspension, brakes, and powerplant. Granted, the bikes fit her comfortably, but we felt her skills will soon be "writing checks that the bike can't cash".

It pained me to do it (having mixed gas before), but we got her the KX100, 12oz. flywheel, Tag triple clamp and Tag T2 Mini Works bars. The suspension, brakes, and power are great. We put the new bars on to give her more room when standing. Before the flywheel weight, the bike did intimidate her a bit, but now she LOVES it.

She wants to begin riding enduros with me this summer. I hear that Yamaha is developing a YZ125F with 5 valves and all the tech. We will consider that one later.

By the way, I can start the KX100 with my hand!

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:


You mean to sit here and tell us you actually have a significant other???

When did she get out?

Bonzai :)

yea what do you know. But she isn't out yet. But i am preparing for her release. Something about a crowbar and a bank.....

As a heads up on the TTR225:

The carb has ABSOLUTELY NO ADJUSTMENT: not needle, not air screw, not fuel screw. I worked on a 2001 that was running brutally lean. I could do nothing. Someone mentioned placing washers under the needle's clip to richen up the midrange.

The 225 did not match my desires in a bike for the kids. Quite heavy, severely under suspended, awkward ergo's. Of course, this is based upon riding motocross models since 1976...hence my biasness.

I was ready plonk down some cash for the TTR125L. But now I am wondering when the Honda CRF150 [re-vamped little XR(?)] will ACTUALLY hit the showroom?

I want to know the rim size for this CRF150. The 125L fits my Wife and eldest daughter PERFECTLY.

I dunno! :)

I got my daughter a TTR125L (13yo, 5'3", 95#) and it fits her fine. Will be a fine trail bike for pleasure riding. She has jumped some doubles on it already so she now needs (after a month) a bike with some suspension travel. If you are trails, pleasure riding it is not bad. Very gentle and easy to handle. If she wants to keep up with the boys or go to a track, no chance.


Mark, exactly. My 13 yr old also has a TTR125L and I wish I would have bought a KX100. It is hard to stop a 13 yr old from trying the jumps on a track. After a year of riding and learning to ride he broke every significant part on the bike, $800 worth with all the labor done by dad. Now I'm waiting for him to grow into a 125 so we can stop repairing and spend more time riding. One advantage is that he has learned alot about metalurgy, design, and mechanics. Mike

My wife is running on a XR200 which has the perfect amount of power and great dependability for someone her size, 5'4" 125 lbs., when not pregnant. It was a great bike for her to get started on and it takes a pounding since she originally tipped it over quite often. I have a pic of her on the bike so you can see the fit at Jennifer's Bike Pic.

She looked at the XR250, TTR225 and the TTR125L. The first two were WAY to large and the last way to small. I can also tell you that if she were to get the TTR225, you would be constantly turning around to pic it up off the ground while she got used to it (too heavy for a woman to pick up). So, make sure she can pick it up off of the ground, because you may not always be right by when it goes down.

We have been looking around for a bike to replace this one at the end of the summer. We will be going with the Honda CRF230. Honda has updated the bike with a front disk brake and better suspension for 2003.


i need to be more clear i guess, She has only ridden three times in her life, She rarely gets out of third gear. The XR200 in my signeture is hers. I had o raise the shock up to drop the bike down. I also let all the air out of the shock. She likes to put and i never see her jumping or racing. Just putting. I am just worried the bike wont take her up some hills that she likes to go up. Maybe a NEW xr 200 would be best. Guess i will have to wait till she gets out.......

Sorry, my wife likes the bike, she is 5'8, 130#, and you never see light between her tires and the grd., and I keep it running for both of them. mike

You know they must have changed the suspension on the XR200 because my wife at 5'4" can plant her feet firmly on the ground. Regarding the power, I rode the bike for two weeks and it has plenty of power to go up any hill. It is a 2001 XR200. Also, this is my wife's first motorcycle and she rides well after a few weeks of getting used to the bike. She did ride a mountain bike for several years before the motorcycle which may have given her better skills. We have even loaned it to my father and brother to go riding with me and they love it. All around we are very pleased with the XR.

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